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1. Am I eligible to earn points while checking out with DZ gift cards (store and Costco)?


2. Am I eligible to earn points when buying in-store gift cards?

No, guests will not receive loyalty points from purchasing a gift card. They can however receive loyalty points when paying with the gift card

3. Who is eligible to join?

Anyone over the age of 16  who would like to join and has a valid phone number and email address


4. How can I change my personal details?

Please go to our website and click on the lookup link. You will have the option to make changes there

5. How do I close my account?

Please send us an email at to request for your account to be canceled. 

6. Where can I find my Account info?

Please visit our website and click into Dough Zone Elite tab. Then click on look up points to see your account info.

7. How do I join?

There are several ways to join

●  Scan the QR codes in-store

●  Sign up on our website

●  In-store at checkout

8. Can my membership in the program be terminated?

Dough Zone can terminate any member for any reason

9. How do I check my account status?

Your current point status is accessible in the Dough Zone Elite section on our website.

10. May I share my account, rewards, benefits and points with a friend?

Accounts, program rewards, benefits, and points cannot be shared or combined. Only the member paying for the products and engaging with the brand may accumulate rewards, benefits and points.


11. Are there limitations on the number of purchases or activities eligible for points?

We reserve the right to place limits on the number of purchases or activities that are eligible for Dough Zone Elite program, in any given time period or for the duration of the program, and/or any combination thereof.

12. Do points count before or after tax.

Points are earned for the before tax amount.

13. When I redeem my cash reward, does the cash reward count towards earning points?

No, the reward will not count towards earning points

14. How can I see my points and rewards balance?

Please visit our website and click into Dough Zone Elite tab to look up your points.

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