Why Franchise with Dough Zone  ?



To broaden reach and recognition, Dough Zone is actively partnering with media and other marketing agencies.


Let's talk

  • Complete and submit your online application form, our franchise team will contact you soon for a phone interview.

  • You will be invited to a meeting with our team to talk about your ambition and your business plan.

  • An official application package, along with the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the Non-Disclosure Agreement will be delivered to you. For the official application, a non-refundable application fee will be charged by a third-party agency.

  • After you complete and submit the application package, our designated independent third-party agent will conduct the financial and background investigation.

  • A pre-approval letter will be delivered to you if you are qualified.

Are you the one?

Let's make it real

  • Our designated independent real estate broker will work with you to locate potential sites for your business. See the FDD for more information.

  • You may choose to sign a Territory Reservation Agreement and pay a non-refundable deposit if you would like to reserve an intended market area for 12 months. The deposit counts toward the Initial Franchise Fee if you ultimately purchase a franchise.

  • Once you finalize a lease or purchase of the physical space, we will invite you to sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the Initial Franchise Fees.

  • Interior design guidelines will be provided to you, and the design plan will need to be reviewed and approved by us before the construction.

  • You will start the site construction.

  • You and your team will participate in our training program at our designated locations. See the FDD for more information.

  • You will hire and train your crew members.

  • We will conduct a pre-opening inspection onsite to make sure you have everything covered.

  • You will have your grand opening!

It's really



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