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Dough Zone is delighted to announce that our newly renovated party room in Downtown Bellevue is now available for reservations! Maximum capacity is 60 people (Room 1 & 2). We welcome Dough Zone fans to enjoy our distinctive dishes at our sophisticated Chinese-modern style party rooms. Our spectacular party rooms are perfect for corporate conference meetings, wedding banquets, private dining events, annual dinners & large family gatherings etc.
For more information & site visits, please contact our Downtown Bellevue store at (425)454-3333 for more enquiries.

Dough Zone Downtown Bellevue's Party Rooms
Rate Card

DZ1 Party Room Ratecard_Start 07012021.png
  • ​If customers use the party room for less than 2 hours or/and consumption is less than the minimum order rate, the minimum order rate will be charged.

  • After 2 hours limitation: more than 15 minutes will be charged as half an hour and less than 15 minutes will be negligible.

  • Room 1 and Room 2 can be reserved together. The information is the same as shown above.

  • No charge for children age 5 and below.

  • In anticipation of large quantities of food being requested, please submit a pre-order for food 2 weeks in advance of the event date.

  • Reservations & Deposit: A minimum of 25% paid in advance for reservation is required.

  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will be charged 25% as a cancellation fee.

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