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Dough Zone Dumpling House was established in Bellevue, WA in 2014. The motivation behind the creation of Dough Zone was a desire to bring traditional homemade Chinese comfort food into a modern setting. The dishes served at Dough Zone are the perfect size for customers to share and try a variety of different food without breaking the bank. Over 50 different dishes are available to choose from and customers get the opportunity to mix & match to create their own personalized combination. A wide array of authentic flavors that will truly give your palate a new perception of taste.


Dough Zone opened its first location in Bellevue, WA originally as a mom and pop restaurant but since then, has expanded into a chain with locations throughout the west coast. Many more locations are expected to open throughout the United States in the near future. Dough Zone continues to place a strong emphasis on maintaining a quality dining experience, utilizing the freshest local ingredients, and providing affordable pricing.


In order to create the soupy filling, our chefs proudly use a traditional technique by adding aspic to seasoned poultry, moist Berkshire-Duroc pork and fresh crab meat. The dumplings are then steamed causing the aspic to liquefy into a broth that fills the traditional dumpling with savory juicy goodness. They are steamed inside a little traditional bamboo basket, thus the name Xiao (small) Long (basket) Bao (bun) was born.


There are 3 distinct characteristics that our chefs take into account when making our Xiao Long Bao. The first is the skin, our skin is delicate yet strong enough to hold the savory broth. The second is the filling, we use high quality meat and use a secret recipe aspic to create the flavorful broth. The third and last is in the wrapping, we make sure that our Xiao Long Baos are completely sealed without leaving a hole on the top. The skin is consistently thin throughout to enhance the overall Xiao Long Bao experience. The combination of consistent skin texture and big flavors will send your taste buds soaring.


One of our signature dishes - Q-Bao originates from the famous Shanghai Sheng Jian Bao (Pan Fried Buns) but the main difference is in the dough. Our tasty Q-Bao is filled with Berkshire-Duroc pork, a secret recipe aspic and wrapped with a fluffier type of dough. Although the Q-bao is fluffy, the dough is able to hold the soupy filling to create an explosion of flavor with every bite . After a 2 step cooking process of first steaming and then pan frying the bottom, the buns turn out perfectly soft on the top and crispy on the bottom.


Szechuan's specialty "Dan Dan Noodle" is one of our signature noodles. Dough Zone imparted a secret recipe sauce into our Dan Dan Noodle. Its incredible chili sauce, numbing Szechuan peppercorns and chicken broth bring inspired flavors to a whole other level. Our freshly made springy noodles are served in a secret savory sauce, then topped with fresh green onion & preserved mustard greens. All you need to do is mix everything together and enjoy the dish!


These classic Chinese dumplings are well known all over the world with their origin dating back to over 1,000 years. These succulent thin skinned dumplings are called “guo tie” (鍋貼) in Mandarin and translated to English as “Pot Stickers”. Our potstickers are first pan steamed to create a soft texture and a juicy filling. As the water evaporates, the bottom becomes golden crispy and a beautiful iconic lattice skirt develops. The skirt adds extra crispiness that is both a pleasure to your palate and eyes. 4 different varieties of pot stickers are available to choose from which includes chicken, vegetable, beef, and pork & shrimp!

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